Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How to Control Your Future

That would be great wouldn't it? Controlling our futures? Is this something out of science fiction? No, it is something that anyone can do.

So how can you control your future? With estate planning of course! Estate planning, once complete, is a process that allows you to control the outcome of future events.

Now, we are not talking about controlling what happens in the future. That would be beyond what estate planing can accomplish. What estate planning allows you to do is to control outcomes of an uncertain future.

How about some examples:

1. We cannot predict our health in the future. With estate planning, you can control how you are treated and who would make decisions for you if you suffered incapacity. That's controlling the future.

2. We cannot predict WHEN we might die. But with estate planning, you can control how your property is handled, who would raise your children or pets and many other things if you suffered an untimely death.

These are only two examples of hundreds of others of how you can control your future with estate planning. So if you are interested in having some control over how your future will turn out, start by completing your estate plan.

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