Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Plagiarize This: I Dare You!

Yes, plagiarize this article, I dare you!

There is currently a plagiarism scandal raging in Colorado involving former Senator Scott McInnis who is running for Governor.

First, let's be clear on my position on plagiarism. It is wrong and indefensible under any circumstances. There should be strict and serious consequences for stealing the intellectual work of another. McInnis should face whatever consequences come his way.

But this article is not about plagiarism. This article is about political BS, duplicity and double standards.

All those currently calling for the head of Scott McInnis, were strangely silent or even defended the perpetrator of an even more serious case of plagiarism. You see, a serial plagiarist is our current Vice President, Joe Biden.

Biden, while a US Senator was found guilty of numerous acts of plagiarism. For whatever reason, he meekly apologized and that was it. Many now calling for the political demise of Scott McInnis, strangely, defended Joe Biden.

Why weren't their acts of misconduct on par? One reason, politics. You see, if you are on the "right side" of things, you can get away with any manner of wrongdoing and it is defended and forgiven.

But have the temerity to be on the "wrong side" and you are doomed. I do not defend Scott McInnis here. I think his career in politics should be over. But if his career is done, then all those now calling for him to withdraw from politics should also be insisting on the immediate resignation of Joe Biden.

Isn't that what fairness means?

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