Monday, March 12, 2018

Don't Let Hackers and Predators Prepare Your Will: 3 Steps to Protect Yourself and Your Family

Social media and internet have many benefits. They also are traps for the unwary and unprepared. Don't let hackers and predators on the internet get your personal, financial and family information and data.

In my world of estate planning this is critical. If you are considering doing your will and estate plan the last place to look for advice is social media. You could subject yourself to foreign hackers and predators who fish for unsuspecting people 24/7 on social media sites like facebook. We hear everyday how foreign agents are using facebook to influence your every day decisions.

Here are the ways you can protect yourself, your family and your property:

1. Never reveal personal information online to anyone, anytime.

Trusted websites like your bank, brokerage firm etc. are acceptable places to use their secure tools for doing this. Never reveal your personal information on any social media site. Ever.

Also to be avoided are chat sites for your personal information. These sites are not secure and frequently mined by hackers to steal your information.

2. Don't post pictures of your property, home, young children, cars or accounts on any social media site.

If you are inclined to post the pictures of your trip or vacation do so after you have returned to avoid providing the robbers the information about when they can go to your home and steal your stuff.

3. Do not rely on legal, accounting or tax advice you receive online or social media.

You would never ask how to do surgery on your knee or ankle on facebook and you should act the same about your property and money. Use social media to get referrals to competent specialists and professionals and go meet with them in person.

Doing your will and estate plan requires the assistance of qualified specialists just like an operation or surgery. Protect yourself and family by avoiding providing the means to hackers and predators to steal from you. Remember: You are the first and best means of protecting yourself and family.

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