Thursday, December 14, 2017

4 Reasons that Estate Planning Makes a Great Gift this Season

Giving the gift of estate planning can be one of the best gifts this holiday season!

Let's look at why estate planning is such a great gift.

1. Unlike a new phone or electronic device your estate plan does not expire or go out of fashion. Your estate plan is one of those forever things that is always there for you and is always protecting your loved ones. No phone can do that!

2. Your estate plan not only protects you but also your loved ones. It is inherently a gift of sharing. You don't have to loan out your estate plan like you would a phone or other device, it just sits in the background and is there when it is needed.

3. Your estate plan can be made private. Unlike a new device the government or other hackers cannot snoop on your estate plan. If you like privacy your estate planning is much better than dropping out of society and living in a cave forever.

4. Many clients have given the gift of estate planning for the holidays and told me that the peace of mind they have gained knowing that their families and property are protected is priceless. That makes estate planning not only a great gift but worth more than any other gift out there.

Consider taking the advice of these folks and give the gift of estate planning to your family this holiday season. You'll be glad you did!

Bernie Greenberg

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