Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Fraud Alert! 2017 Scams and Cons to Watch For

An unfortunate side effect of economic prosperity is the proliferation of scams, cons and con artists. The best way to protect yourself is to be armed with information and the discipline to say no.

Con artists seek to separate you from your money and property either directly or these days by stealing your identity. Here is a list of known frauds, scams and cons in Colorado, Douglas County and the Castle Rock area.

Let's start with the nationally publicized scams for 2017. Here is the current list from AARP:

AARP 2017 Scams

Next with tax season upon us, here are the current tax scams:

2017 Tax Scams

Credit and Money for Sex Scams. These are generally online and can involve offers of favors or even free rent and other products in exchange. Here's an interesting article:

Money or Credit for Sex Scams

Good Weather Scams. Good weather brings our the con artists who rely on good weather or even hail damage to try and steal your money. Good weather also brings out the door to door sales cons as well as ramping up internet cons. Here is a list of spring and summer scams:

1. Roofing scams. Protect yourself by dealing only with licensed roofing contractors from a list provided by your insurance company or local chamber of commerce.

2. Yard scams. Having someone else do the lawn work is inviting, but don't select someone who contacts via door to door, internet or phone.

3. Real estate advisors. There is NO such thing as a real estate advisor. People who are experts in real estate are tested and licensed by the state and are called realtors. Either deal with a licensed realtor or say goodbye to your money as it disappears into the pocket of a con artist.

4. The jobs scam. Someone promises you a job making calls or sending emails from home and they'll pay you for it. It's a scam called the "job scam" and now that you know about it you won't fall for it.

5. Sprinkler system repair scams. If someone comes to your home and tells you about your faulty sprinkler system, close the door. If you suspect issues with your plumbing or sprinkler system call your local water provider. They offer analysis and help to help you isolate what the actual problem may be.

6. Do we still need to mention internet scams? Yes we do as they represent one of the largest source of scams in America. As the graphic above says, if it sounds too good to be true it is. The internet is a wonderful place to send email, interact on social media, buy products from reputable companies and read the news. If your internet activity involves looking at and falling for things that sound too good to be true, you are asking to be scammed.

As new scams are reported on we will bring them to you. Help shine the light on scams and con artists and share this article with family and friends.

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