Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Estate Planning at Any Age? Yes!

While wills and trusts may be unpleasant topics for many, far too few have considered what basic estate planning arrangements are necessary just because someone is age 18 or older.

Wills and trusts attorneys like me are constantly amazed how few people have even considered basic estate planning issues and taken the most basic steps to protect themselves.

In this article, these basic steps are discussed in clear and plain English as well as the right age to start. That age is 18. Here is the article:

The Article

As you read, you will learn that the right age to begin with the estate planning basics is age 18. The reason for this is HIPAA, that federally imposed system dealing with keeping health information private.

Imagine a student of 18 or 19 who is injured or becomes ill. Who does the hospital or clinic contact? Who can visit that student? With the HIPAA laws, if the student has no power of attorney or HIPAA release, getting access to the student will be challenging.

Read the article and let me know your thoughts. Please share this article with everyone you know to help in the educational process about estate planning.

Thank you.

Bernie Greenberg

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