Thursday, February 6, 2014

Introduction to Estate Planning-A Course for Consumers

Estate Planning: An Introductory Course for Consumers

With all of our posts on estate planning and Wills, it's time to help you with those New Year's Resolutions. In our next series of articles we will explore the world of estate planning from the consumer's perspective with our course on estate planning.

Here is a list of our anticipated topics:

1. Introduction to estate planning-what is estate planning.
In this introductory section we will discuss what estate planning is and is not. We will also provide you guidance on how to start to think about your own estate plan.

Later articles will cover the following:

2. What is a Will.

3. What is a trust.

4. What is a Power of Attorney.

5. The basic components of every estate plan.

6. DIY vs. working with a specialist-which is better?

7. The risks of fill-in-the-blank forms

If you would like an article on other estate planning topics, just let me know and we can add that topic to the list.

Bernie Greenberg

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