Friday, September 20, 2013

Disasters and Con Artists: 4 Ways to Protect Yourself

Disasters seem to bring out the best in us and also the worst in our society. Con artists love a good disaster and use our sensitivities and vulnerabilities against us. As this story from today's Denver Post shows, the recent Colorado floods are no exception.

Colorado floods: Beware of shady outfits when demand for restoration surges - The Denver Post:
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Here are four time proven ways to protect yourself, your family and your property:

1. Deal only with proven and reliable sources. Disasters bring out the door to door and telephone scams. Avoid doing any repairs and renovation with someone who comes to your door or cold calls you.

2. Always check credentials and referrals. If someone won't provide those to you, send them packing.

3. Get written estimates, and use written contracts. Failure to do so is hazardous to you, your family and your money.

4. When in doubt get out. Don't be intimidated or bullied. Many con artists prey on vulnerability and will try and bully you into signing up with them. Don't be bullied and dial 911 if you are fearful and nervous in any situation. Report these people so the authorities can deal with them.

There you have them, four proven ways to protect yourself. Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment here or sending me an email. Thank you.

Bernie Greenberg

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