Monday, August 12, 2013

Amanda Bynes Conservatorship Granted

Many people may not know what a Conservatorship is, but with this recent story about Amanda Bynes, Conservatorships are in the news.

Generally there are two types of legal proceedings for persons needing protection. One is called a Conservatorship and the other is called a Guardianship. These proceedings differ and knowing how they work and when you need to consider one is vital to protecting your loved ones.

These two legal proceedings are also known as "living probate" because these proceedings are governed by the Probate Court and involve someone who is alive. Most people are aware of probate for people who have passed away.

It is possible to avoid the need for these legal proceedings if you do your estate planning prior to suffering any mental disability. Always make sure your plan includes a Financial and Health Care Durable Power of Attorney.

Amanda Bynes Psychiatric Hold Extended, Conservatorship Granted:

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What are your thoughts about this case and these types of proceedings? Please join our conversation and leave a comment or send me an email. As always, thanks for your interest.

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