Friday, January 11, 2013

Why Is Estate Planning Important?

Is Estate Planning Important? If So Why?

In a meeting yesterday, I was asked, "Why is estate planning important?" Instead of giving the typical knee-jerk reaction that most lawyers would give, the client who asked this question was willing to really explore the question.

While estate planning and doing your Will and Powers of Attorney is important in a general sense of being responsible and protecting yourself and family, that is not why estate planning is important. Those answers focus more on the benefits of doing your estate plan and there is no argument about the benefits.

On the other hand, is estate planning really important? Should it be at the top of everyone's list of New Year Resolutions? Is it worth talking about?

Here is what my client decided as we explored this question on deeper levels. Estate planning is important to each individual only if that individual cares about what happens. When you do "care" in the real sense of caring, then estate planning is not only important, it becomes one of the fundamental ways of expressing that caring.

By caring, you think about your circumstances, your goals and what it takes to get there. It is the caring, about your family, yourself and our world, that is the engine that drives anyone to do an estate plan.

As I thought about this client's view, I believe it is a very interesting way to look at my field of estate planning. So, if you ask yourself whether doing your estate plan or Will is actually important, why not start by asking what you care about. That will then get you to the answer about estate planning, as it did with my client yesterday.

What are your thoughts? Do you think estate planning is important? Let me know by commenting here or sending me an email.

Thank you.

Bernie Greenberg

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