Monday, December 29, 2008

Greeting 2009

As the new year approaches, it is true that 2008 was challenging and also exciting. The economy continues to challenge and I will have additional thoughts soon about "chasing returns".

Hopefully the economic challenges didn't impact you too adversely. As I learned from my father many years ago, the market will always go up and down! The important question for us all is did we get too caught up and not protect ourselves properly?

2008 also brought us a historic election. Historic for the election to the presidency of Barak Obama. No matter where you may stand politically, Mr. Obama's election is certainly historic.

I have written earlier about what changes we may expect in estate planning from an Obama administration. So I will just take the time here to wish you and yours all the best for the coming year. As we wish for better things in 2009, may you also have health and happiness too.

Happy New Year!

Bernie Greenberg

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