Monday, November 17, 2014

Identity Theft After Death!

How To Prevent Identity Theft After Death:

As con-artists and scammers search for new targets, they have extended their nefarious activities to our deceased loved ones and friends. Identity theft of people who have died is now not just limited to Chicago, it is a world wide problem.

Estate planning attorneys offer several steps to clients to help avoid and prevent identity theft. When you are working with your estate planning attorney, make sure you cover this topic.

This article: How to Prevent After Death ID Theft published by the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys has several important and effective steps to follow.

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Bernie Greenberg


  1. I didn't realize that there was a problem with people stealing the identities of the deceased. That just seems so absurd and disrespectful to me. I'm sure a lot of people get away with it, too, because nobody notices them. Should I speak with an estate planning attorney about this matter before I hire them to help me plan my estate?

    1. Yes Lauren, you should always ask your estate planning attorney all questions you may have as you are working with them. Good luck!